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21 lokakuu 2008 @ 17:35
All members and non-members.

I just sent a letter to Rosetta Stone to make a request from them to develop a Finnish software and this is their response under the cut:

RSCollapse )
13 syyskuu 2008 @ 17:12

For all members and non-members, we are now requesting that everything here be posted under members only as of today. Soon, everything not under members only would either be reposted or deleted. We have also just entrolled a new acitve policy where people who are inactive are at high risk of being deleted. We believe that if you could post at other communities, then you could post here. Being active is as simple as saying "kiitos." We know some of you may be busy with school/work etc. We've been there. We're NOT after you. We are mainly after people who fruently post to other communities and not here. However, you can't have a computer virus all the time, just like you can't be busy with school for several months. If we catch you not being active, you as well will be deleted.

For everybody, check up under the user info, since it's being frequently updated. You might want to check it over the next few days, since we have changed and are still changing at lot of the rules.

If you are new, then say so and we'll give you time to look over older material. If you are new to livejoural, then you could easily go to the archieves to look at the older material.

If anybody has any questions, feel free to ask. That's what we're here for. If you find any lesson too hard or too difficult to understand, I wouldn't mind simplifying the lesson for you. But right now, memorize what each word means. We are soon going to be breaking down everything.